Mission trip Miami!


As some of you know I spent most of the month of January in Miami with my outreach team from School of Ministry. The bulk of our time was spent with a church called Community of Hope  which is a Spanish Church in South Miami.

While there we did a variety of things which consisted of; yard work, cleaning, going to the homes of family’s from their church and praying with them (usually we were blessed with delicious food also – huge bonus!), leading Bible studies, street evangelism, working with the youth (which was one of the main activities that we did once per week), and leading a youth conference the first weekend we were here. I want to elaborate on a couple of things that we did that really stuck out to me.IMG_1917

One thing that I have really come to enjoy is operating, and setting up Audio Sound Systems. While here in Miami my outreach leader, Gabriel, and I had the privilege of re-vamping the entire system for the church. Although this came with some challenges, it was also a great experience that taught me many things. It was such a blessing to do this for the church, and help them in such a simple yet practical way.

As I mentioned before we did Street Evangelism a few times over the past few weeks. This can be a very stretching activity, but is also a very beneficial and rewarding one. We were so shocked by the reaction of the people when we would start to talk with them. It is a scary thing to approach a stranger on the sidewalk, but the openness of the people inspired us to keep going. 12510220_1554142631574851_5795418117837489289_n I would be lying if I said that we never were rejected (we were), but the ones who were interested made it all worth it. We would pray with people over any area they needed it, give them an encouraging word, and just simply express how much God cared about them and their needs. It was also very exciting how many people we met who were already Christians – this was amazing because we were able to encourage them to keep going, and love on the people of Miami. While we did street evangelism we took some of the youth from the church with us. This was an incredible way to get them out of their comfort zones, but also show them that THEY can do these things too even when we are not here. Each of them was touched by these moments, and we are hoping they will not keep going without us.

Each Wednesday evening the church gathers together for a Bible Study. With our team being here for the past three weeks we were able to also attend the Bible Study with them. It was a smaller, but comfortable setting for everyone on our team giving us opportunity to practice what we have learned at school. I was given the privilege at speaking at one of these Bible Studies. I was so thankful for this opportunity to share a little bit about my story through my topic Mother Heart of God. 12509542_10208557167356202_6265005992080007039_n It is such an important topic, yet is not that commonly talked about in the church. It was such a wonderful night of people really encountering the love that God has for them, some possibly for the first time. It is such an honor to be used by God, and I never want to take these moments for granted.

All in all I had an amazing time with the School of Ministry team (#Miamiheat). I enjoyed all of the Ministry opportunities that we had, but also enjoyed the free time and growing as a family with my team. We spent time getting to know each other, going to the beach, and just enjoying the company of one another. It was a great experience that I will never forget.

I am really excited to see where God takes me next, and am so appreciative of all of your support and prayers. Without you this would not be possible so thank you so much. It does not go unnoticed.