It’s OK to cut someone out of your Life – Here are 5 reasons.

It’s OK to cut someone out of your Life – Here are 5 reasons!

I grew up in a very cultural community. Since I grew up in that way, I didn’t know better than what my parents did. I grew up with the mentality that anything my parents said was right, and you just do what you’ve been told to do. Many of the people I know would say that I didn’t grow up like that. Well that’s what I thought until I came out of the environment and saw the bigger picture. Just to make it clear, I want to say that Friendships and Family bondages are important.

Growing up, my parents would tell me that I have to wish someone for their birthday or I have to do stuff I never wanted to do. Eventually all the expectations began to bother me. That’s also when I started to please people and my parents more, than I pleased God. Now, that’s when our loss starts; when we disconnect with God. God is not disconnecting Himself from us, rather, we disconnect ourselves from Him. When we start put our parents, spouse, friends or other people in first place, above God, it becomes idolatry. In fact, it could also start to come around and we may begin to worship others rather than worshipping God. Dangerous! We shall only worship our God. (read Luke 4:8) Few weeks ago I posted different Quotes about “How do you feel?”.

I am telling you this again. If your heart doesn’t feel well, check yourself. Why do you feel like that, where is that feeling coming from? It is important that you guard your heart. Deal with the roots and have boundaries. Be confident in what you have chosen to do. There might be hard consequences you may face. It might feel weird because it’s totally not the way you were taught or you grew up. It’s not easy, but it will help you to grow and go forward! greatness-knows-how-to-shineSometimes you need to cut people from you life. You may ask me why? Let me ask you, who are you sticking with? Now if I would stick around with people who swear all day long, I get used to those words and would automatically use it the same way they do. Or if people complain all the time, I start to agree with them and my day is doing to be as negative as their day.

Cutting people out of your life does not mean you have to hate them. Cutting them out means that you are dealing with your heart. That you are guarding your heart from things that could effect you or pull you down. You are saying that they are no longer first place in your life and you’re not allowing them to negatively influence your life.

Here are five reasons why it is ok, to cut them out:

#1 As I said, when they offer nothing else than negativity. How is their attitude. We all have the authority to speak things into existence. For those with a positive attitude, they will reap positive rewards. Those who constantly complain or carry an attitude of ungratefulness, the atmosphere becomes filled with depression and negativity. People who always want to criticize others are showing a sure sign of wasting valuable time and effort on the wrong things and, for sure, are not deserving of yours.

#2 When people are no longer supportive. When something seems to be impossible for you, that is exactly where God can prove that it is possible for Him. If your {so called} friends can not be supportive of your dreams and the desires you have in your heart, then they will not benefit you. It will give you more areas of frustration and doubts in your life.

#3 Giver or a taker? John Arnott mostly says in his teachings: “Be a giver!”. Exactly! Any Relationship is an exchange. If someone comes to the table before you come and leaves before you leave all the time. That could be that they want the food before you, leave you the rest and also lets you clean up the table. T.D. Jakes once said in one of his sermons: “When you start to feel used or taken advantage of, mentally or spiritually, cut it off quickly.”

#4 No longer trustful. Trust can take years to build and a only a few moments to break. When the bond is broken or betrayal sets in, find the exit. Not out of bitterness or hate, but out of humbleness and devotion for your heart.

#5 When you can’t be yourself around them or if you are not happy around them. Obviously if you can’t be yourself, you are not happy. Happiness comes in freedom. Freedom starts when you have the joy of the Lord in you and you accept yourself. Accepting ourselves is the biggest act of Worship. Look for people to hang around with, who are accepting of you, because they see the creativity of the creator!

These five reasons helped me to guard my heart. Again, do not cut it because you hate (strong word) someone. As the Bible tells us to love each other. Love and have healthy boundaries. God wants you to live a life of Joy and happiness and enjoy the daily journey with Him!

Thank you for reading!

Jenan Joseph