One more destination!

Because of You! This is something you mostly hear from your colleagues, spouse or parents in a negative form. As you may have notice I fight to do the best out of the worst. (I’m not always successful but I try my best)
So if you may have heard this in a negative form, let me change it and bring it in a positive form to you: “Because of you, this trip happened!” 

I am thankful that God gave me generous friends, relatives and church family. 
We went to France (Lyon), England (London and Bristol), Switzerland (Bern), Zoetermeer (Netherlands). 
Some of the destinations we have asked people to borrow us so we can fill Gas and travel back and forth and then pay them back when we got blessed through generous people like you! 

Some of the destinations we heard Gods voice saying “go with what you have”. Clearly we have seen God providing whenever we needed. 
There is one more destination to go. That is not far from my Parents house. So we can say that BECAUSE OF YOU / YOUR SUPPORT, many have received an encouragement, got healed from sickness, get to know about the purpose of life and a loving Word from the Fathers Heart.
My ‘Because of you’ is to say THANK YOU! Because of you we were able to to what God has put on our Heart to do! 
With a thankful heart
Jenan Joseph 

Thasinden V.