Love people where they’re at… not where they should be!

Love people where they’re at… not where they should be! – Carlos Rodrigues

Since I went to Switzerland I’ve tried to look at people differently. I didn’t want to trust them anymore.

Yes, I forgave them, but once I was about to face them, that was when I was tested to see if I had truly forgave them or not. I totally agree that it will be awkward to meet those people because there is a war happening in your mind. You reflect on all that happened but still something inside of you wants to meet that person.

The war in your mind will try to take off as fast as a plane.

It’s crazy how your emotions can start to go low. It makes you feel insecure, unworthy and also gives you more doubt about the other person and yourself. Now what makes you believe all those thoughts? Is the past about you actually true? Or did you trust a person that betrayed you?

Is that what makes you believe in your emotional roller coaster?

Plainly said: “Your emotions are important and you need to feel what you feel!”.

But your feelings should bring you to a point where you can reflect on your past and find confidence that God uses those things for your good – to develop your character and the understanding of Gods Grace, Love, Power and Purpose for you!

When I was in Switzerland I met a couple of people. People I felt rejected from, unloved, and betrayed.

Still I challenged myself to meet them.

It wasn’t peaceful and comfortable at all. However, inside of me I knew that I needed to face them so that I can truly learn what forgiveness means. To practice what I preach. If I have Grace for myself but not for others; how can we call us CHRISTians.

Being Christ like is a daily ‘Practise what you Preach’.

I needed to learn what it means to accept the Body of Christ again and again.

Just because they made a mistake, I’m not allowed to judge them, because in Gods view a mistake is a mistake, a sin is a sin. For Him it doesn’t matter if you mastrubated or gossiped. In His eyes both are a sin that His SON or DAUGHTER made. Remember that He still calls you His Children. Although you have done something unpleasant for God, He calls you His Child.

Although you have done something unpleasant for God, He calls you His Child.

He faces us daily and washes us clean. He forgives us.

So if He was, is facing and will always face us although we have missed the mark; we should learn to become more like Him because He made us in His likeness.

It was difficult for me before I met the people. As soon as I met them and just focused on the moment and forgot about the past, something just left me. The more I faced it; the lighter my shoulders became.

Although I had multiple opportunities to Minister and share the Word of God, I am glad God was and is working in me too.

Ministry doesn’t start in the number of People; it begins in my Heart!

Peace out!

Jenan Joseph